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On the Missing Basmallah: a hint

Posted by negadi on September 25, 2012 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

The Holy Quran comes with 114 Suras and 6236verses and each sura is labeled by two numbers: Nv,  the vulgate-number, and Nr,the revelation-number. One of the greatest mysteries of the Quran isthe  “missing” of the Basmallah “In the name of God, the Almighty,the Merciful” at the beginning of sura 9 (Al-Tawba). Sincea long time, it has been observed that it is in fact found, later, insideSura 27 “Al-Naml” (“The Ants”;), while the Queen of Sheba reads the letterSolomon sent her: “It is fromSolomon, and it reads: ‘In the name of God, the Almighty, the Merciful’”.“‘Donot be arrogant towards me and come to me as submitters’”. The precise location is therefore 27:30-and-31,not "27:30", only, as people frequently say. Thisis because one has to preserve the integrity and the meaning of the wholesentence. The cumul function Cum(S,V)[1]counts the number of verses at a given sura S and a given verse V. We have, inthe above case Cum(27, 31)=3190and therefore, for the complement, 6236- Cum(27, 31)=3046.

We turn now to life and biology. The fundamentalingredients of life are the nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) and the twenty(coded via the genetic code) amino acids. It is thought today that RNAcould be  the fundamental player, at theorigin of life some 3.8 billions years ago. RNA has four components the ribonucleotidesUMP (uridinemonophosphate), CMP (cytidine monophosphate), AMP (adenosinemonophosphate) and GMP (guanosine monophosphate), each one of themmade of (i) a sugar, (ii) a phosphate group and (iii) a nucleobase,respectively U (uracil), U (cytosine), A (adenine) and G (guanine) . Now, the genetic code,  which is shared by the greatmajority of the living organisms, including ourselves, uses a well-definedcollection of 64 DNA-triplets (codons), 64 RNA-triplets (codons) and, foreach one of these two sets, 61 amino acids coded (via 61 codons, takinginto account the degeneracy). Each codon (RNA or DNA) is made of three nucleobases(a triplet) and, in 64 such triplets, there are 192 nucleobases and eachnucleobase appears an equal number of times 48 (=192/4). Note that in the 61codons there 183 (192-9) nucleobases because 9 nucleobases correspond to the 3 terminationor stop codons. In the following, we shall take the atom-numbercontained in the nucleobases as our selected informative variable.The number of atoms in the four RNA nucleobases (or nucleotides) are U=12,C=13, A=15, G=16 (total 56) and, in the four DNA nucleobases, T=15, C=13, A=15and G=16 (total 59). Now we compute total number of atoms in the set of64 RNA-codons and 64 DNA-codons and also the number of hydrogen atoms intwo times 61 amino acids (2´358, see the Table), one time for storage (in DNA) andone time for transmission (via RNA). We get


This new result, which gives again the total number of verses(see above), could be rearranged  to fitour earlier result: 2832+3404=6236, where the last number refers to the totalnumber of nucleons in the 61 amino acids (see our blog at: On could easily rearrange the above relation, in asymmetrical manner (DNA, on the one hand, and RNA, on the other), to get


We see therefore that the above relation is in excellent agreement with thelocation of the missing  basmallah. We could do even more. Thestructural difference between DNA and RNA relies on the replacement T®U and, in the processof translation from DNA to RNA, T®A. BecauseT and A have the same number of atoms, we could group U (12 atoms) either withT (15 atoms) or with A (15 atoms) to get


The first number, 1296, corresponds to Cum(9, 61)=1296, i.e., sura 9(Al-Tawba) verse 61. This sura has  Nv=9,Nr=113 and the 129 as the total number of verses. From the latter fournumbers 9, 61, 113 and 129, only, we are able to derive several important andmeaningful characteristic numbers of the chemical structure of the geneticcode. This will be shown, together with other new results, in a future publication.

Tidjani Négadi, September 25, 2012

[email protected]

[1] See for exampleF. Gabteni, "De la psalmodie au codage numérique"; pages292-296 ;



A gift for the inhabitant of Jerusalem and, for Peace

Posted by negadi on June 3, 2012 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Waiting for more (serious) news, here is a nice couple of numbers: the geographic coordinates of Jerusalem (**):

31°47′ N, 35°13′ E

Some people (scolars) saw something like "666", but this is not the case. One must take "degrees" and "minutes", separately.

In this way, one has, by adding the like, 66° and 60' or 1°, right?

Adding all together, one ends with


The famous "Letter-Code" of the "one", or Unic Book, is located between Sura 2 (The Cow) and Sura 68 (Qalam). Right?

This is equivalent to say that the 29 Codes are all dispersed between Sura 2 (inclusive) and Sura 68 (inclusive), that is

68-2+1=67=66+1 (CQFD)

Moreover, it is the "unifying" relation between the Holy Books: the 66 Books of

the Bible and One unic Book. (One could also look for, if he/she wishes, the

particular and exact location 31°47′ 00' N, 35°13′ 00'' E.)






A note for the readers

Posted by negadi on December 11, 2011 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Dear reader,

I know that you visit regularly my blog, maybe in view of something “new”. Indeed, there is, and I am extremely sorry for not posting anything more. I previously said that I am waiting for more favorable conditions, and this is true, to resume the exposition of what appears, now, to be a far better and more elegant “theory” than the one previously written, for which something was missing. This latter, a marvelous thing, Ant-sized and deposited, gently, on the Table in the House of the Virgin Mary, "by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich", embellishes greatly the picture, and it was indeed found.


Exchanges with Professor Abdelaziz Benabdallah

Posted by negadi on July 2, 2011 at 1:17 PM Comments comments (1)

First letter:

A propos de l’ouvrage « Le Coran et la Bible dans le Livre de la Vie »

du Dr. Tidjani Négadi


Le savant grec Pythagore, bien avant l’ère chrétienne, avait proclamé l’impact de la lettre qui gère la loi de l’univers ; Guénon, savant contemporain, lance le chiffre comme deuxième norme de la loi de par le monde. Ce double paramètre semble avoir joué un rôle inouï dans la construction de la vie, au sein du Cosmos.

L’éminent chercheur Tidjani Négadi vient d’élaborer un travail remarquable où il essaie de montrer la structure mathématique du Coran à partir des données chimio-physiques des ingrédients fondamentaux de la Vie à travers les acides nucléiques et les acides aminés, mettant en relief le formalisme numérique unifié dans la Bible et le Coran. Cette structuration mathématique dans le code génétique de la vie humaine renforce le rôle essentiel de ce que notre chercheur appelle « jonction Abrahamique », présentée dans le Coran comme l’Islam d’Abraham.

La vie à son niveau physique recèle un mystère dont la compréhension révèle le secret de la transmission de l’hérédité, pour la construction de tous les êtres vivants sur terre dont les molécules composées d’atomes tels l’hydrogène, le carbone, l’azote, l’oxygène et le soufre. Le substrat de l’hérédité se base notamment, sur le verset coranique qui considère l’eau comme la source foncière de la vie de tous les êtres créés. Les deux paramètres , nombres de nucléons et nombre d’atomes, semblent donc avoir joué un rôle à caractère mathématique remarquable dans le code génétique ; d’après les recherches réalisées ces dernières années par de nombreux scientifiques tels shCherbak, Filatov, Négadi et d’autres auxquels vient s’ajouter l’éminent chercheur marocain Dr Othman Skiredj , petit fils du Cheikh Ahmed skiredj , grand publiciste et soufi du XXème siècle au Maroc, dans son ouvrage « L’AME & L’ESPRIT – selon la Science sacrée DES LETTRES ET DES NOMBRES » ( Imprimerie ARRISSALA –Rabat édition .2010).

Ainsi l’application du théorème fondamental de l’arithmétique peut se factoriser en nombres dans ces études, renforcés par des logiciels de calcul. Comme premier résultat de cette union mathématique des deux acides aminés constitutifs constituants moléculaires de la matière vivante, dont la relation parait identique au nombre total des versets (ayates) et dans les 114 sourates du Coran. Dans ces études certaines contraintes handicapent l’heureuse continuité de ces recherches qui demeurent toujours concluantes, étant données les concordances qui confirment le positivisme de ce phénomène numérique du Coran reste néanmoins lié au Saint Coran (dans le nombre de ses sourates et versets).

La jonction avec la Bible Hébraïque et les fondements du Judaïsme était démontrée par la reconstitution des commandements donnés à Moïse. Ainsi qu’une relation avec des versets ou ayates coraniques.

Les signes de jonction entre le Coran et la Bible (Livres révélés) s’avèrent foncièrement remarquables dans d’autres domaines plus subtils, nécessitant une étude approfondie à travers des références peu explorées. Entre autres le Big-bang dont la nature demeure toujours un mystère, sujet de controverses sans issues.

Parmi les révélations émanant d’un hadith sacré ( qodsi), est l’interprétation du Big-bang par une explosion de lumière nettement divine, où Allah, le Créateur du monde, lance son « Sois » créateur.



Second letter:


Cher collègue,

J’ai constaté dans ma dernière missive que le substrat de l’hérédité se base notamment sur les versets coraniques ci-après:

"وجعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي" (النور 45)

Qui considère l’eau comme la source foncière de la vie de tous les êtres. L’hérédité est en effet, la transmission de certains caractères dans la reproduction des êtres vivants, ou la transmission de certaines dispositions des parents aux descendants ; dans toutes les sourates, l’eau est centrée comme noyau initial de la vie, dans les deux types de transmission

أَلَمْ نَخْلُقْكُمْ مِنْ مَاءٍ مَهِينٍ": بمعنى ضعيف وهو المني (سورة المرسلات 20) "

Ne vous avons-Nous pas créés d'une eau vile

"وَاللَّهُ خَلَقَ كُلَّ دَابَّةٍ مِنْ مَاءٍ ۖ فَمِنْهُمْ مَنْ يَمْشِي عَلَىٰ بَطْنِهِ وَمِنْهُمْ مَنْ يَمْشِي عَلَىٰ رِجْلَيْنِ وَمِنْهُمْ مَنْ يَمْشِي عَلَىٰ أَرْبَعٍ ۚ يَخْلُقُ اللَّهُ مَا يَشَاءُ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ" (سورة النور 45)

Et Allah a créé d'eau tout animal. Il y en a qui marche sur le ventre, d'autres marchent sur deux pattes, et d'autres encore marchent sur quatre. Allah créé ce qu'Il veut et Allah est Omnipotent.

الماء بمعنى نطفة، وكل ما يدب على الأرض، فالماء أصل خلقه، ما يعني وحدة العنصر الأساسي في تكوين الأحياء جميعا.

وقد تعني الآية أيضا ما يحاول أن يثبته العلم الحديث من أن الحياة خرجت من البحر ونشأت أصلا من الماء.

فالحيوانات التي تتوالد، مادتها النطفة؛ وحتى الحيوانات التي تتولد من الأرض، لا تتولد إلا من الرطوبة المائية؛ فلا يوجد شيء يتولد من غير ماء.

"وَهُوَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ فِي سِتَّةِ أَيَّامٍ وَكَانَ عَرْشُهُ عَلَى الْمَاءِ لِيَبْلُوَكُمْ أَيُّكُمْ أَحْسَنُ عَمَلًا ۗ وَلَئِنْ قُلْتَ إِنَّكُمْ مَبْعُوثُونَ مِنْ بَعْدِ الْمَوْتِ لَيَقُولَنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِنْ هَٰذَا إِلَّا سِحْرٌ مُبِينٌ" (سورة هود 7)

كناية عن قوله الحق وإشرافه على ما يتخلق فيه وهو العنصر الرباني الذي تتخلق فيه الجزيئات العضوية اللازمة لبناء الحياة

Et c'est Lui Qui a créé les cieux et la terre en six jours, - alors que Son Trône était sur l'eau, - afin d'éprouver lequel de vous agirait le mieux. Et si tu dis: ‹Vous serez ressuscités après la mort›, ceux qui ne croient pas diront: ‹Ce n'est là qu'une magie évidente›.

Dans la sourate des « Prophètes » (verset 30), Allah présente la création de l’eau comme argument d’Omnipotence, nous incitant à renforcer notre foi en Lui ; et dans d’autres, c’est d’un autre facteur d’hérédité qu’il s’agit : le liquide séminal de génération de l’être animal et humain, où l’hérédité s’institue comme gène créateur.

Votre travail est original et passionnant, car doté d’un autre type de transmission d’ordre universel.

De la sourate « Annour » (verset 45), vous avez pu extraire une donnée miraculeuse, en repérant le cumul des deux nombres des versets jusqu’à 24-45, égal à 2836, nombre plein de signification. Ce résultat ne saurait être une simple coïncidence, dont la crédibilité est adéquate, même dans des cas apparemment différents les uns des autres, ou même opposés ; dans un éminent défi de la réalité, vous faites état dans ces tests efficients, de certains cas typiques qui mènent au même résultat concret renforçant la crédibilité de ces données.

Je ne m’empêche guère de réitérer de tout mon cœur ma vive admiration pour le processus rationnel qui caractérise ces tests appelés, avec d’autres sondages aussi miraculeux, à mieux définir la portée du dogme de la pensée islamique.

Agréez mes meilleures salutations.

Abdelaziz Benabdallah







The Holy Book and its disconnected luminous Letters, revealed? Old and modern mysteries, apparently solved

Posted by negadi on June 13, 2011 at 9:31 AM Comments comments (0)

It is now clear, and well established, the mathematical structure of the Holy Qoran, as well as its mysterious Letter-Code, orning the begining of twenty nine of its Chapters, are found to be encoded in the main components of all living organisms, including ourselves, in a very precise form. These components are the nucleobases U/T, C, A and G, the building-blocks of DNA/RNA, and the twenty amino acids (aas), the building-blocks of proteins, enzymes and many other bio-hardware tools. We also find that water which is, as every people knows, absolutely necessary for life, is also amazingly encoded and from the begining, in the volume of the irregular tetrahedron used. All these results are already written down but remain to be exposed, in the detail, somewhere, in the future, to open minds and in a peaceful and intellectual environment. The main results are as follows:

• Irregular (integer) tetrahedron’s volume  ---> 16+1+1=18 --->  OH2 water

• 20 amino acids on the tetrahedron ---> Quran’s total verse number: 6236=3404+2832 (61 aas+64 DNA-codons)

6236=1630+4606 or 1623+4613: the medinean/mecquean verse-division, with the unique, exceptionally positioned, first Chapter “fatiha”, as medinean or mecquean.

• The irregular (integer) tetrahedron’s numeric characteristics lead to:

(i) 2886=2560+326: respectively 61 RNA-codons (2560) and 3 stops (326)

(ii) 3385: total abjadic-value of the 78 Letters (or the 29 Codes) of the Letter-Code (Table 1)

(iii) 3385=1757+1628: 14 non-redondant Codes (1757) and 15 redondant Codes (1628)

(iv) 3385=1267+2118 fitting the famous pattern “arrived at ALMR the promised will appear” (Table 2)

• The irregular (integer) tetrahedron’s numeric characteristics lead also to:

 1255=1189+66:  the number of chapters in the Bible and the number of its Books 


rank             chapters                             length              multiplicity            abj.v              seq.v

1 (+1)     HM-’CQ (42)                       2+3=5                      1                     278                     71

2             KHY’S (19)                                  5                       1                     195                     60

3            ALMS (7)                                      4                        1                     161                     44

4           ALMR(13)                                     4                        1                      271                    46

5           ALM (2, 3, 29, 30   , 31,32)        3                        6                   71/426           26/156

6           ALR (10, 11, 12, 14, 15)            3                        5                   231/1155      33/165

7           TCM (26, 28)                                  3                        2                   109/218           37/74

8           TH (20)                                         2                       1                           14                   14

9           TC (27)                                         2                       1                           69                   24

10        YC (36)                                         2                       1                           70                    25

11        HM (40, 41, 43, 44,45,46)        2                         6                   48/288             21/126

12       S (38)                                               1                        1                          90                     18

13      Q (50)                                            1                        1                        100                     19

14      N (68)                                               1                        1                           50                    14

105 (+1)                                              38/78                14/29              1757/3385          452/856

Table 1: The Letter-Code of the Quran and the abjadic value of the 29 Codes

Code  chapt.verse    Abjadic-value

ALM            2.1                    71

ALM           3.1                     71

ALMS        7.1                   161

ALR        10.1                   231

ALR        11.1                   231

ALR       12.1                    231

ALMR   13.1                     271

              58 /7                   1267

Table 2: The 7 chapters for “arrived at ALMR the Promised will appear”

Two References:

See, for example Robert T. Cameron:

and also Shoghi Ghadimi  "Le courage d'aimer"




The Books are in The Book

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We have recently written, as a self-published book in french, an essay about something like a ‟unified” mathematical view of the Holy Books [1]. As the main two results, it was demonstrated that the numeric characteristics of The Book are, first, derivable from the nucleon and atom content of the ‟61 amino acids”, as structured in the standard genetic code and, second and mainly, are capable to let us establish a numeric ‟junction” with the 613 Commandments which are at the root of the Jewish scriptures in the right pattern: 248+365. In this short post, we shall honour a promise made earlier and extend the junction at the Book-level, starting from only three significant numbers: 1, 114 and 6236. The first number refers to the unicity of the Book, the second to the number of its Chapters or sourats and the third to the number of its verses or ayats. Take the prime factorization of the Chapter-number




From the above equation we have that the a0-function of 114 (the sum of the prime factors) is equal to 24 which is precisely the number of Books in the Hebrew Bible (Tanach). Thinking of 24 as 5+19 and we ‟have” that the 5th prime is the number 11 and the prime index of 19 is the number 8 so that, remarkably, 8+11=19. In this way we could rewrite the a_0-function finally as




This is the right pattern for the 24 Books of the Hebrew Bible: the five Books of Moses (Chumash), the eight Books of the Prophets (Neviim) and the eleven Books of the Writings (Kesuvim). Now we call the Omega-function, which counts the number of the prime factors, and we obtain




This is the number of Books in the New Testament, in the catholic Bible as well as in the protestant Bible. Now, we add the sum of the prime-indices (SPI) of the prime factors and also 1, for the Book, to get




This is the number of Books in the Old Testament of the protestant Bible. At this stage we get the right mathematical structure of the 66 Books of the protestant Bible




Finally, we call again the Omega-function for the numbers 114 and 6236 and also the number 1 as a privilegied number (note that 1 has a singular decomposition and Omega(1)=0), to get




This is the right pattern of the 73 Books of the catholic Bible.



A Number-Story of the 141 Books ♣

Posted by negadi on July 2, 2010 at 9:07 AM Comments comments (1)


Dear Yohyy, today in this short post, I would like to let you know, briefly, about a very striking and beautiful connection between the mathematical structure of the Holy Books of the three major monotheistic Religions, taken together (sine qua non), and what we may call the “Book of Life”, that is the genetic code which is frequently considered as a book or more exactly a great dictionary translating the language of DNA into the language of proteins for the quasi-majority of life-forms on Earth. We have seen in our recent publication “A numerically structured Book” the importance of the number 3404, the total number of nucleons in the 61 “amino acids”. It lead us to the correct number of suras, verses and even words in the last Book (the Holy Quran). Very fine. Here we shall consider all the Books with only their precise number b and also the number of their chapters c and this will prove absolutely sufficient for what follows. Concerning the Holy Bible, we shall take its two major versions, Protestant and Catholic, in a “compressed” but interesting form; this is explained below. We have


(I)  Protestant Bible: b(OT)=39, c(OT)=929; b(NT)=27, c(NT)=260


(II) Catholic Bible: b(OT)=46, “c(OT)=1068)”; b(NT)=27, c(NT)=260


(III) Quran: b(Q)=1, c(Q)=114


These numbers are sound and well known (as a quick web-search could easily show) and would be normally accepted by “the people of the other Book(s)”. The first four numbers concern the Protestant Bible (KJV) with 66 Books and 1189 chapters. The Catholic Bible differs only slightly from the Protestant Bible; the NT (New Testament) part is the same while the OT (Old Testament) part has seven more books (39+7) and also 139 chapters more. In view of this similarity, we shall retain and this will prove interesting only the total number of Books of the Catholic Bible and deduce its number of chapters, as a result.

Now, according to what was explained above, we consider the following sum comprising the total number of books and chapters, from Equations I and III, and the number of books for the Catholic Bible, b(OT)+b(NT)=73 from Equation II


(B-Q)  929+39+27+260+73+1+114=1443


This sum is our main equation; it expresses numerically the wholeness of the Books and constitutes in our opinion the connection mentioned above: the number 1443 is identical with the total number of nucleons constituting all the atoms contained in the 23 Amino Acids Signals (AASs) of the genetic code table. Note, please, that the above established number 1443 was already mentioned in our last post. We recall that when considering the degeneracy at the first codon-position (see my papers (4)), it is interesting to enlarge the set of 20 amino acids (aas) to the set of 23 AASs: 17 amino acids with no degeneracy at the first codon-position (for which aa is identical to AAS) and the three two-fold degenerated ones (S, R and L) or equivalently the six objects SerII, SerIV, LeuII, LeuIV ArgII, Arg IV. This is equivalent to counting two times the three sextets S, L and R. An important consequence is the division of the genetic code table into two moeities of 32 codons each (one of them including the 3 stop codons) and exchanged by Rumer’s symmetry. In this way we have therefore 23 AARSs (coded by 23 codons) and 38 degenerated codons, that is 61 in total.

Let us now proceed and separate, in (B-Q), the terms from equation (I) from those from the two others (II and III). We have the first nucleon-number pattern


(P1)  1255+188=1443


This is precisely the number of nucleons in the 23 AARSs: 1255 in the 20 amino acids (see the table) and 188 in the three sextets S, L and R (31+57+100). An interesting consequence of this partition could be seen as follows: add the sum of the prime factors and their prime indices for the first number (1255) to the sum of the prime factors, their number as well as their prime indices for the second (188) to get 313+71=384. This number identifies nicely with the total number of atoms in the 20 amino acids, including their side-chains (204+920). Before leaving this pattern, let us see one more connection to the genetic code. The number 1255 is the sum of the number of chapters in the OT (929) and in the NT (260) as well as the number of the books (39+27), see above. Now, it is well known that the middle chapter of the Bible is in the 19th Book, Psalms, chapter 117. (This Book has the largest number of chapters, 150.) We first devide the Bible in two halves Genesis-Psalms and Proverbs-Malachi. The corresponding division of the chapters is 628+301 and we have for the grand total 628+(301+260+66)=628+627=1255. This is indeed one of Filatov’s genetic code tetrahedral identities discovered recently (1). A question now would be whether we could obtain the latter result when considering the very middle of the Bible, the 595th chapter, in place of the above partition? The answer is yes. Start now from the mentioned division and take the sum to get 595+660=1255. In passing, this corresponds for the genetic code to the division into non-doublets amino acids (quartets, sextets, triplet and singlets) and 9 doublets having 660 nucleons. Returning to the above sum, we make appeal to the carbon-atom equivalent of Filatov’s identities 33+34=32+35=67, for the same pair of faces and in the same face (with 628 nucleons) for which the carbon atom number is 33. Using these identities in the form +33-33=0, we put it in the above sum to obtain the desired result (595+33)+(660-33)=628+627. Note, finally and amazingly, that the identity 628+627=1255 has also been derived recently, for a completely different set of amino acids, by Rakočević. At this stage, it is worth to mention a nice result concerning the numbers 595, 594 (with sum 1189) and 66. As a matter of fact the sum of the prime factors of 595 is equal to 29 and the sum of the prime factors of 594 and 66 is 38. Adding the two we have 29+38=67, the number of carbon atoms in the 20 amino acids with a pattern that is frequently realized in the numerous classifications involving the genetic code (see my papers and the references therein), on the one hand, and also in the structure of the well-known “Letter-Code” of the Holy Quran. Recall that there are 29 such Letter-Codes in 29 Suras, dispersed between Sura 2, the first and Sura 68, the last. As there are 67 suras (68-2+1) we are therefore left with 38 non-coded Suras so that the above carbon-atom pattern is beautifully realized.

In the preceeding partition we have included the number of Books in the Catholic Bible (73) with the numbers of the Book of Islam 1 and 114 and this proved interesting but we could also make the distinction between the data for Judeo-Christianism, on the one hand, and the ones of Islam, on the other. We get


(P2)  1328+115=1443


Here also, we have interesting things. First, 1328 appears to be equal to the number of chapters in the Catholic Bible. (N.B. The six Esther additions F, A-E not included.) As 1328=1189+(66+73) and knowing that 1189 is the number of chapters in the Protestant Bible, we conclude that the difference of the number of chapters between the two is equal to the sum of the numbers of their Books 66+73=139 (see the remark at the begining). Apparently and to the best of our knowledge, this property seems to be mentioned nowhere. Second, 115 being a number associated to the Book is also attached to the special amino acid proline with 115 nucleons, 41 or 42 in its side-chain and 74 or 73, respectively, in its block, depending on which place (side-chain or block) a single nucleon belongs to (see shCherbak (3)).

Let us now mention another interesting pattern where we make the distinction between the nucleons of the hydrogen atoms and the nucleons contained in the nuclei of the others atoms (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur). From the table, we have 76 carbon atoms, 12 nitrogen atoms, 10 oxygen atoms and finally 2 sulfur atoms, so that 76x12+12x14+10x16+32x2=1304 and we get the following pattern, according to the distinction made above


(P3)  139+1304=1443


It is interesting to note that from our main Equation (B-Q) we could make the following partition (66+73)+(1189+1+114) by “highlighting” the sum 66+73 and we have the same result as above for the genetic code: 139+1304. Here also we could make contact with the work by Filatov in his tetrahedral classification of the 20 amino acids (see his page 7). As a matter of fact, he established a nucleon number balance in two pairs of faces 628+627=626+629=1255. Now computing the atom number in the amino acids in these same two pairs of faces, we find 108+97=205 and 104+99=203 (without the side-chains) or 198+187=385 and 194+189=383 (including the side-chains). These are near balances and the average of the two pairs gives 204 and 384 atoms, respectively, for the correct atom number. Now from our numbers 139 (34th prime) and 1304, we could take the sum of the prime factors and the prime indices to get 173 and 210 with sum 383. This is the nucleon number in one of the two pairs of faces mentioned above (in bold) and we could reach 384 by just adding the Omega-function of the prime number 139 which is simply 1. Also, by re-arranging the terms we have (139+34+1+6)=180 and (163+38+3)=204. The first number is the total atom number in the 20 blocks and second is the atom number in the 20 side-chains.

Another interesting pattern, related to (P3), could be obtained by selecting the following partition in equation (B-Q): (929+73+1+114) and (39+27+260), that is


(P4)  1117+326=1443


The pattern (P4) was already mentioned in our last post in connection with the atom number balance 1443+(1117+326)=1443+1443 in the 61 (RNA)-codons and also the three stop codons with associated number of atoms equal to 326, as established by Rakočević (2), page 28). The 3 stop codons UAA, UAG and UGA (see our last post) have respectively 108, 109 and 109 atoms. The sum of the prime factors, the prime indices and the big omega-function for 1117 (187th prime) is 1117+187+1=1305. For the 3 stops we do the same for their total atom number sum 326 (without an omega-function) and substract the sum of the prime indices of their atom numbers, taken individually. We get (2+163+38+1)-66=138. Adding the two above results, we have 1305+138=1443, but if we only transfer the omega-function of 1117 which is 1 from the first number to the second, in the sum, we get 1304+139 which is (P3).

Finally, let us mention another interesting pattern obtained by taking (260+73), on the one hand, and (929+39+27+1+114), on the other:


(P5) 333+1110=1443


This is a very well known nucleon number pattern discovered by shCherbak. The first, which is connected to the Pythagorean Triangle, corresponds to the number of nucleons in the first Rumer set (32 codons) with eight quartets (the five quartets and the three quartet-parts of the three sextets SerIV, LeuIV and RIV) and the second (32 codons) to the second Rumer set hosting the nine doublets, the three doublet-parts of the three sextets SerII, LeuII and ArgII, the unique triplet, the two singlets and finally the three stops.

Dear Yohyy, this is only a short exposition of what was found and it remains to integrate all this stuff in a more detailed writing. Your comments and/or criticism are welcome.














The Table for the elemental composition of the 20 amino acids is disponible here, in this blog.


♣ The true story of the title will be told later.


A Numerically Structured Book

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Yohyy (via an hypertime-email): Good day SCT! We have today a request, a profound request: what about the marvelous two-fold announce in Sura 83 A Numerically Structured Book? You gave earlier very interesting things about the Holy Bible; would you be so kind to let us know about some Pearles concerning the Holy Book?


SCT: Many thanks for your message. Yes, I do have something to satiate your curiosity. These are but only few results for the moment. First, the Book, and also the others cited earlier, are intimately connected with Life.


Life is, at the fundamental level and at least DNA/RNA and amino acids. The units we count with here are the nucleons (collective name for the protons and the neutrons) which are the basic constituents of the (visible) matter in our universe, in the case of the amino acids, and the number of atoms, in the case of DNA and RNA . In the 61 coded “amino acids” there are 3404 nucleons, the side-chains not included. Now from the latter number and using an iterative algorithm known as the “mathemagical black hole” (**), we get after 8 iterations 2824+8=2832 (the 8 generated numbers are 155, 251, 134, 92, 737, 713, 371 and 371). This latter number is nothing but the number of atoms in the 64 DNA codons (Thymine T and Adenine A: 15 atoms, Cytosine C: 13 atoms, Guanine G: 16 atoms and in the case of RNA Uracil U in place of Thymine: 12 atoms). As a matter of fact, we have #T=#A=#C=#G=48 in the 64 codons so that 48x(2×15+13+16)=2832. Adding the two numbers, the former for the amino acids and the latter for DNA, we obtain




This number is identical with the total number of verses (or ayats) in the Book. It is not difficult to get from this relation the following one (we give here only the final result but it could be rigorously derived)




which describes perfectly the dichotomic Md/Mk-division of the Book into medinean verses (1623 verses, 28 suras) and mecquean verses (4613 verses, 86 suras).

Finally, considering again the 61 amino acids mentioned above but, this time, including the side-chains (74 nucleons each), we get 3404+61×74=7918. The number of atoms in the 61 corresponding (RNA)-codons is found to be equal to 1443+1117=2560. Adding the number of atoms in the 3 stop codons UAA, UAG and UGA, including, for them only, their “side-chains”, that is considering instead the ribonucleosides UMP(34), CMP(35), AMP(37) and GMP(38) we get 326 (=3xUMP+0xCMP+4xAMP+2xGMP) according to Rakočević (***), which added to the above relations gives the remarkable atom-number balance 1443+1443=2886. Note in passing that the sum of the digits of 2886 in base-100 gives as if it were here by anticipation 28+86=114. Adding everything we get 7918+2886=10804. The prime decomposition of this number writes 2x2x37x73 and their sum could take the form




This number is (well) known as the the total number of suras given here in a form that is deeply connected with sura 74 (hosting the mystery of the number 19). As a last and significant result, consider again the number 3404. Adding to it the sum of its prime factors (2x2x23x37), their prime indices as well as the sum of its four digits and finally multiplying the total sum by 23, we get




which is identical with the total number of words in the Book, see below. (The multiplicative number 23 is of great importance in the case of the genetic code in connection with what is called the degeneracy; it is also the time it took for the Book to be completed as well as the prime index of the number 83, see above and title). Alternatively, the quantity above (3404+64+23+3+4+0+4)=3502 appears to give the average number of revealed words per year in the revelation. All the obtained numbers, here, are to be compared with those from an interesting and beautiful study on the subject which will be published in the year 2010 (*), using high-tech means. I hope that this satisfy you.


Best, SCT (from





(***) http/


Meditation music:‎/musique-sacree/


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About 358

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Yassir: You mentioned earlier the number 358, which as we know since the thirteen century from the Castillan Kohen brothers, is the (hebrew)- gematrial value of Maschiach/Naschach. It is therefore very important; could you precise?


SCT: Well. The total abjad-value of the twenty-nine “letter-codes” is well known and is equal to 3385. Also, “arrived at ALMR”, from the beginning, we have seven letter-codes: ALM (2), ALM (3), ALMS (7), ALR (10), ALR (11), ALR (12) and ALMR (13), where, in parenthesis, the sura-number is indicated. The abjad-value of the these latter is equal to 1267, also a well-known number. Now, the remaining 22 codes following ALMR have the abjad-value 3385-1267=2118. Finally, this number has the unique prime decomposition 2x3x353 and one has for the sum of the prime-factors 2+3+353=358.


Yassir: Stupendous, indeed! Thank you very much.


SCT: It was my pleasure; look forward for more results.

A fictious Story about the "letters of Life"

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It is a well known story among scholars that in the seventh century there was a unique enconter between two scholar jewish rabbins Yassir Ibn Akhtab and his brother Yohyy, on the one hand, and the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), which subject was the mysterious Disconnected Letters uttered at the begening of some suras. The fate of this fruitless meeting was full of deep confusion and, later, led, not by itself but by lack of mutual understanding, to unfortunate events between the Muslims and the Jews. In this modest contribution for Peace in the World, we would like to offer this fiction where all conputations are real and effectively done with the best care, but the story is pure fiction. Few weeks after their “point-like” in time encouter with the Prophet, Yassir and his brother found in the Desert of Sinai a very weird object, some centimeters large, a screen and it was, we would say today, a Super Google Device which “sees” also through Time. Maybe some hyper-space travellers lost it in the Sinai. After some minutes, playing with the object, Yassir said, nice, we are to be more clever with Mohammad about these letters, ask him for a second meeting. The Prophet accepted willingly but, in the meantime had an encouter with a mysterious man whose name was Sid-Ahmed Cheikh Tidjani and was born in 1737 in Algeria but from the time of his death, his spirit could travel through time and could take any human form at will. Let us call him SCT. He was precisely chosen to be the Ambassador of the Prophet to meet Yassir and Yohyy. Here is an extract of their first visite de courtoisie.


Marhaba SCT! Marhaba


Yassir! Marhaba Yohyy! Yassir: At the last meeting we have calculated 734 “years”, could you say something new? We heard that it was also said by Imam Saddiq that “arrived at ALMR, the Promised will appear”.


SCT: Yes, it is true you will understand it in a moment, but let us see from the begining. In fact, to see the “promised” you have to consider not only ALM, ALMS, ALR and ALMR, but also the next KHY’S, the 19th sura named Mary, the Mother of Christ.


Yassir: Well, you have that 734+195 is 929.


SCT: This is the number of Chapters of the Old Testament. Yassir: consulting his “Google-Device”: right!, the Bible was divided into chapters by Stephen Langton about A.D. 1228 and there are effectively 929 chapters in the OT!


SCT: Add now three more (3+5=8 in total) YC, S and Q which lead, as we shall see later, to the number 358 which, in your hebrew gematria, means Mashiach/nachash, but it has in fact a more serious and scientific meaning.


Yassir: After a short calculation said YC, S and Q give 260


SCT: This is the number of Chapters in the New Testament and the Grand Total for the Holy Bible is 1189. Also, by substracting you obtain 669 which is a division of the Pentateuch known as sidrim. Note that the “famous” 734 is the number of chapters till Isaiah, Book number 23, chapter 55 and 23+55=78 is just the total number of letters (see the Table), 23 (ALM, ALMS, ALR, ALMR, KHY’S, YC, S and Q), used here, and 55 left. These latter augmented by the remaing 11 chapters in Isaiah give you the Total number of Books in the Holy Bible which is 66, as your curious device is showing you.


Yassir and Yohyy: All this is quite wounderful, stupendous indeed. Could we see more?


SCT: It’s all for today, I invite you to other meetings; I have a lot more.